amazing facts about IIT(ISM) Dhanbad

The architecture of the Heritage building resembles that of a periodic table. The Heritage building also has a Geological Museum.

Facts about IIT(ISM) Dhanbad

The student hostels at ISM are named after precious stones such as Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Opal, Emerald, Topaz, Jasper, and Amber.

facts about IIT(ISM) Dhanbad

Indian School of Mines(ISM), Dhanbad was established on the lines of the Royal School of Mines, London in the year 1926.

Facts about ISM(IIT) Dhanbad

IIT(ISM) is a pioneer in fields related to the Earth Sciences. {I: Igneous, S: Sedimentary, M: Metamorphic = ISM }. It is the 3rd best Earth Science College in Asia.

Former Director Prof. D.C. Panigrahi is Indian mining scientist and author(mostly known for Panigrahi’s Law of Mine Ventilation).

The students NGO Kartavya has been listed among the world’s top 20 successful voluntary organizations being run by student groups.

ISM has biggest academic library in the country housed in an eight-storey,centrally air conditioned building(Project cost is over 100 Cr.)

It has a seismological observatory which can measure the intensity of earthquakes. IIT Dhanbad also contributed in mapping the Moon’s surface during post mission analysis of Chandrayaan 1.

ISM served as an artillery for the British soldiers to protect it from the advancing Japanese troops during world war II.

Facts about IIT(ISM) Dhanbad

Preserved fossils “Petrified Wood “ is of approx. 25,00,00000 (25 cr.) years of age is showcased at oval ground,ISM Dhanbad. 

Facts about ISM Dhanbad


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