How can we study during lockdown managing online lectures?

No one thought that the whole world will sit at home for months. Students too are facing a lot of problems due to sudden shifts in the teaching methodology.

Meanwhile, students have to learn technology to handle online lectures during lockdown. But they are not alone. Their teachers learned new technologies to teach online. I too had worked hard to learn basic editing and recording of videos because that is the need of the hour.

Is there some mantra that can be chanted to overcome all problems related to managing online lectures? I wish there was but, there are several ways in which students can manage online lectures during the lock down.How can we study during lockdown managing online lectures?

In this article, I will discuss ways in which online lectures can be managed and the effectiveness of the studies can be improved.

In 1956, the famous psychologist George Miller published a paper, suggesting that our short-term memory can store maximum 4-5 items.

While watching videos online students understand everything but their brain is not able to store so much new information at one go, and as a result, they forget many things after a day or two. So, they have to watch the video again to recall complete information but that leads to wastage of time.How can we study during lockdown managing online lectures?

Therefore, I suggest everyone to take notes of whatever is being taught while watching the video. In case, you forgot some information you can refer notes and in that way your time will be saved. Also, when we write something on our own, we tend to learn better rather than just reading it. So, making notes is an extremely important step.


Many students have a habit of studying on the bed but due to the comfort and improper posture their ability to grasp and concentrate decreases drastically. So, it is very important that a separate study area is to be defined in the house. The area should be such that there is less disturbance from other members of the family. A separate study area helps us focus more and improves our concentration.

Also, keep the study area neat and tidy to create a positive vibe. Stick your best motivational quote on the wall in your study area and write your aim into it so that you can work hard day and night in order to achieve it. You can find motivational quotes here.

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Distractions make us lose focus. With more technology comes more distraction. Remember You can’t do big things if you’re distracted by small things.How can we study during lockdown managing online lectures?

Keep the mobile phone on the other room if you are using a laptop for online videos or if you are using mobile phone for watching videos then turn off the notifications from Whats App, Instagram, Snap chat, etc. so that there is no distraction during the study.

For Windows 10 users, turn on the FOCUS ASSIST feature to disable all forms of notification. For mac OS users, you can enable DO NOT DISTURB feature in the “Notifications” section of the “System Preferences.”


I remember many parents coming to me and saying “Sir please allot work to him/her with deadline because then only he/she will complete it. You have to give him/her a constant reminder for Homework completion”. Many students work only when there is a deadline, and they themselves don’t make a timetable and stick to it. They fear that they will not be able to follow it.

But let me remind you once you enter college and after that job life, neither your mother nor your teachers will be there to help you complete your task. Therefore, make it a habit of following schedule.

Don’t make unrealistic commitments that you cannot fulfill, start with baby steps. Set deadlines for daily tasks, weekly tasks as well as monthly tasks.

Daily tasks may include completing the Homework after watching the video lectures. Weekly task may include revising the concepts of the current chapter and on a monthly basis, you can prepare for the chapters which were already completed.

Students may use note-making apps like Ever note, Trello for setting their goals.


Do you know that research says “Human brain cannot focus intensely more than 90 minutes on any task”? Yes, that’s what is 90/30 Rule which is followed by great leaders like Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO). Work for 90 minutes with full focus and then take 30 minutes break to retain energy again and repeat. In those 30 minutes break one can take a power nap, listen to music, dance, stretch body, grab a cup of coffee. Do not push yourself into studies unnecessarily. Focus more on quality rather than quantity.

PRO TIP: Everyone has a certain timing in a day when he/she studies super efficiently. Try to identify that time when your energy levels are high and focus is at its peak. Believe me; you will be surprised by the result.


Remember the time when you put your picture on Instagram and a lot of people like and appreciate you. It feels extremely good. Isn’t it? This is what appreciation does to us. You need to constantly reward yourself and keep motivating yourself in order to achieve your goals. Know my secret of how I do it.


All the tests and assignments are online at present, so many students in order to get good marks do cheat. But that will not help you in life ahead. You might get good marks in this test, but what about the final exam. Stay true to yourself. Tests are taken so that you understand what are your weak portions, where do you need to improve, are you able to handle exam pressure etc. Analyze your mistakes in those tests and learn from them and next time hit hard.


Schools, colleges are not just for studies, rather we get lifelong friends, mentors in this journey. College time is considered one of the best times in life. But due to COVID 19 restrictions, we are not able to meet our friends and mentors. So, connect with them weekly over a conference call and have fun. It is very important to get connected to real people in this social media world. Also, be in contact with your teachers regularly and keep on learning from them.How can we study during lockdown managing online lectures?

At last, I would request everyone to not to lose cool. Stay motivated. Follow these guidelines and keep on learning.

I am glad you have made it to the last. Do share your valuable feedback in the comment section.

All the best.


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