How to prepare for MHT CET


For any competitive examination, Speed and Accuracy are the two important parameters along with in-depth subject knowledge. MHT CET is easy as compared to JEE Main, but at the same time challenging. MHT CET is an exam consisting of 150 questions which need to be solved in 180 minutes. And that too for Physics and Chemistry combine candidate gets only 90 minutes for 100 questions, which makes one question to be solved in less than a minute. So, speed becomes one of the most important factors in this exam. 

MHT CET preparation

Still worried about preparation: I have shared Pro Strategy towards the end.

One of the best things about MHT CET preparation is its syllabus. 80% of the questions come from Class 12 portion of Maharashtra State Textbooks, and only 20% from Class 11 textbooks. So as compared to other exams like JEE Main, BITSAT, etc. the syllabus is less, and on the other hand, since the Class 12 syllabus is also covered in Board examination so students are very well prepared for it.

But does that mean, only HSC Textbooks are sufficient for MHT CET exam?

The answer is not very straight forward. Some people claim solving only HSC textbooks will help in cracking the exam. But this is not true at all. Let me elaborate this, although everything that is asked in the CET exam comes from Textbooks but in order to deal with paper pattern (MCQ), questions based on these formats need to be solved, only reading textbooks will not help one to crack the examination with flying colors.

From my past experience and feedback from my existing students, I will recommend

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Preparation of MHT CET

Proper practice of MCQ is required in order to crack the exam. But this will not help you with the time handling. I personally suggest one should devote 1 min per question for Physics & Chemistry and 2 min per question for Maths.


Suppose you are solving Differential Equation Chapter, so take 30 sums, put an alarm of 60 minutes, try to solve as many sums as possible (Order doesn’t matter) in those 60 minutes without looking at the answers. Think as if you are giving a test. After the time is over check the answers to figure out how many you got it right. And then resolve the unattempted questions and the wrong questions. This strategy will help you to deal with both speed and accuracy-key factor in cracking this exam.


Official mock tests are available on the website😊 

PCM Mock Link

PCB Mock Link

You can also solve a few sample papers uploaded on the MHT CET article on my blog.

I hope my tips on how to prepare for MHT CET is useful. Do let me know your feedback in the comment section and don’t forget to share this content with your friends, relatives who might find it valuable. Thanks again for giving me your time 😊 


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