Positive effect of corona on students

COVID 19 has changed the world for everyone. The effects of it spares neither parents nor students. No one thought that there would be so much impact on the lifestyle of people.

There is a lot of negativity about COVID 19. My effort in this article is to beat that negativity and focus more on the positive sides so that students can improve their subject and do well in exams.



Positive impact of corona on studentsWho can forget those morning classes when we all have yawn in front of our teachers. But now most of the classes are online and recording is also available so you can watch them any time you want without teachers noticing anything about you. Isn’t it amazing?


Positive impact of corona on studentsThere are few love birds (Besties) in every class who keep on chatting throughout the class. And if you tell them to shut up, they don’t listen and argue with you. But now, think of them as they are already out of the class. No disturbance, no argument, and fighting with those people. Just 100% concentration without getting disturbed.

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Positive affect of corona on studentsYou might be wondering, how are you earning money? Let me tell you, a dollar saved is a dollar earned. Yes, you have become the money saver of your house. HOW? You are not going out of the house so no daily traveling by bus, train, or rickshaw. And who don’t love snacks shops near our coaching where yummy samosas, patties, burgers are served. So, you are not only saving money from traveling but also from eating junk food outside. Tell your Mumma to prepare something today, because outside food is not allowed. So indirectly you are saving money and also improving your health. Cheers🍻


Positive affcet of corona on studentsNow you have more than 24 hours in a day. How the hell is that possible? Traveling from home to institute is unproductive and tiring most of the time. And because of this tiredness students feel sleepy and they don’t feel like doing anything after class. But now, no traveling, no tiredness, therefore extra hours at hand. Let’s have a game of PUBG now. Don’t think this, Study first otherwise your mom will shout on me also 😜


Positive affcet of corona on studentsAm I kidding? Not really. Let me explain. Syllabus is reduced for CBSE and other boards, so less chapter to study, and you have a lot more time. So, what else do you need? Therefore, practice more, make those chapters strong and get more marks.

So, it’s up to you whether you see the glass half-filled or half-empty. Better start looking at the positive side of everything and make the best out of it. I know these times are hard but remember “When going gets tough, tough gets going”.

All the best. Study hard and let me know your views on this article.


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