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Why Engineering? Answer of Student’s dilemma

There are more than 4000 engineering colleges in India and every year around 15 lakh students graduate as an engineer. Most of the people in India take up engineering because of the peer pressure of ‘Sharmaji ka beta engineer hai or achi position par hai, ache paise kama rha hai’, I know many of us have heard this line by our parents or relatives. Should this be our main reason for taking engineering in the first place? Why people in India are so crazy after engineering? Let’s dive into this a little. I promise at the end of this blog you will have answers to all the questions.

Ask yourself a question first, who is an Engineer?

You must have given it a thought but before answering this question let me take you to the history of a ‘FAN’. Before the invention of the fan, people were sweaty in summers or during working on the fields, around 400 BC, a person in Greece identified this problem and offered a handmade fan to deal with this problem. For those of you who don’t know what is a hand fan-it is a flat surface which is waved back and forth so that airflow is created, this airflow increase evaporation and hence the cooling effect is felt on the skin. Year after year people came out with different efficient designs to tackle this problem, however in these methods’ human is required to operate the fan. Finally, after the invention of electricity, an electric fan was invented which took away this pain. So, the point which I am trying to make here is that these people were engineers, they identified the problem, used their brain and came out with different solutions to tackle the problem. Now I assume you know who is an engineer. Technically speaking, Engineer is a person who uses scientific knowledge and experiments to develop ways to which can benefit mankind.

why engineering

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More Questions...

Let me again ask you a question, do you like to solve the unsolved questions? Are you interested in making the life of people easier with some innovative ways? Are you creative? If answer to these questions is yes, then you are a perfect candidate for engineering.

Look around you, everything you could see right from computers, mobile phones, mixers, cars, tube lights etc. they are the gift of engineering.

So, your next question would be what is taught in a good engineering college?

If you don’t have these questions in mind then I would suggest you have them and try to find answers to these questions. Be curious about learning new things. Watch this video from the one the best movie of all time “Pursuit of Happiness”

In college you learn how to think like an engineer, you acquire logical thinking and analyzing skills. You become more logical than emotional. Your problem-solving skills and decision-making skills are greatly improved. Let me tell you if you acquire these skills then they will help you a lot in the professional world. Once a question was asked to a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, “Why do you hire engineers for a job that has nothing to do with engineering degree like consultation jobs and banking jobs”. The answer he gave might surprise you, he talked about all the qualities which I mentioned above.

You must be thinking, are these the only qualities a company looks in the candidate besides technical knowledge?

I must again warn you if you are not thinking then start thinking. Sometimes creating the best solution is not possible without collaboration and communication with the team members and fellow engineers. So, teamwork is an essential part to be successful in the engineering world. You need to work with likeminded and smartest people to come out with the best solutions to complex unsolved problems.

Engineering profession demands creativity, imagination to tackle real-life problems and finding the best solutions. The world keeps on changing, so does engineering, every day is different, and that is the most challenging and exciting part of being an engineer.

Do engineers get paid enough?

In the list of the top 10 highest paying jobs, almost 40 % are related to the engineering profession. Apart from the monetary benefits, an engineering degree from a top college is highly respected in the world. With the skillset and hard-working nature of Indian graduates, multinational giants like Google, Facebook, Tesla, Apple all hire from Indian engineering colleges. So, you get to work with the best minds in the world if you have the right skill set.

Can you think of any other career in which you can make such a direct impact on the world?

You as an engineer might be making self-driving cars, satellites, bullet trains, energy-efficient homes, lifesaving machines related to the medical field, etc. The opportunity to have an impact on society is endless.

Engineers are driving our lives, our future. If you are convinced become part of this exciting and rewarding profession. You might also wonder why out of 15 lakh graduates every year most of them are unemployed? The answer to this is the right skillset. No one will hire you if you don’t have the skills which I mentioned in this article. In fact, start viewing every problem as a challenge and an opportunity to grow. Acquire the right skillset in whichever field you are in then only you can make an impact in the world.


Thanks for reading such a huge article, I hope you have gained some value. I am certain you know answers to why to choose engineering, it’s importance? How is engineering interesting and why is it a good career option? Share this with your friends and relatives to make them aware of what exactly engineering is. And help them become better in their profession and don’t forget to ASK QUESTIONS. I know you will have a lot of questions regarding engineering, so comment below and I will find the answers to those questions for you (Being an engineer). 

Once again thank you for your valuable time and don’t forget to check other amazing articles on this blog.


When is engineers day celebrated?

15 september

why is engineers day celebrated?

In the memory of greatest Indian Engineer Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, or M Visvesvaraya

List of engineering branches in India?

Visit this link to get a detailed list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_engineering_branches

What is the duration of engineering degree?

B.Tech. courses are of 4 years and M.Tech. courses are for 2 years. Although some colleges provide dual degree courses B.Tech+M.Tech. for 5 years.


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